Starting blocks

Starting Blocks & Starting Time

The start takes for the 4 different blocks between 09:00 am and 09:45 am on Sunday, the 8th of July place. Every block is dedicated to a specific colour. 

The starting block is obligatory, so you need to start in the allocated starting block. This will be controlled by the members of the Grossglockner Mountain Run Team at the starting line. Optional it is always possible to start in a later starting block. 

After the online registration is closed, all the participants get an information via E-Mail about there starting block. Please bring this e-mail with you at the bib number pick up. 

Block 1

Starting time: 09:00 am

Colour: blue

Block 2

Starting time: 09:15 am

Colour: red

Block 3

Starting time: 09:30 am

Colour: green

Block 4

Starting time: 09:45 am

Colour: yellow